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Always the right vehicle at the right place at the right time – that means we can offer you an efficient and solid service. That’s because we are experienced planners and equally as experienced movers and shakers with the necessary specialist knowledge to use our resources in a way that suits you. With everything you should expert from superior service and support, we meet all the requirements necessary to carry out your consignment on time and efficiently. We know that the ability to economise is only possible with the proper use of funds – and we have known this for 65 years.

Emil Giebel Spedition-Spezialtransporte GmbH & Co. KG

Vehicle fleet

Our 23 towing and 32 towed vehicles comply with all national and international heavy haulage standards.

The technical capabilities of our

  • Drop-centre excavator trailers
  • Drop-centre low-loaders
  • Semi low-loaders
  • Widening tarpaulin low-loaders
  • Trucks with loading cranes
  • Low-loader trailers
  • Widening mega trailers

can be found in the following information sheet available for opening or printing:

Vehicle fleet info flyer

Emil Giebel Spedition-Spezialtransporte GmbH & Co. KG


Aged 25, Emil Giebel founded a haulage company immediately after the war ended in 1945. Pioneering spirit, ingenuity and stamina were needed to cope with the challenges he faced. With the active assistance from his wife Margret the business continued to grow from 1948. As early as 1949 the long-distance haulage company was able to join forces with another company involved in local transport. An international haulage company emerged. New ground was broken in the haulage business from 1975, with former tarpaulin truck haulage gradually being transformed into large volume and heavy haulage. Today, our various vehicles transport payloads of up to 150 tonnes in the whole of Europe.

Emil Giebel Spedition-Spezialtransporte GmbH & Co. KG

Range of services

Our service range from

  • heavy haulage to complete projects,
  • transhipment and workshop services to complete assembly jobs,
  • as well as storage (any dimension)

As a founding member of the European BigMove heavy haulage cooperation there are no limits to our capabilities, professionally or geographically.

Emil Giebel Spedition-Spezialtransporte GmbH & Co. KG

Heavy haulage

Capable and experienced employees make our haulage company a reliable and competent partner for the engineering industry, the machinery trade, and businesses involved in road engineering, and general and specialised civil engineering.

Products from leadings manufacturers are used for large volume and heavy haulage: Tractor units from Mercedes-Benz and MAN, semi-trailers and trailers from Goldhofer, Scheuerle, Nicolas and Meusburger, all state of the art.

The expertise and tradition of the family business shape our sense of responsibility in obtaining the necessary transportation permits, including meeting all regulatory requirements for European heavy haulage. 

Emil Giebel Spedition-Spezialtransporte GmbH & Co. KG

Projects / assembly / transshipment

As a founding member of the BigMove heavy haulage cooperation we have been sharing regional and specific resources with our partners for over ten years. We therefore have access to reliable and efficient capabilities where these are needed to support projects and transhipment or assembly work. 

Emil Giebel Spedition-Spezialtransporte GmbH & Co. KG


The optimal geographic location at the heart of Germany and the local conditions directly on our premises mean we can store a whole variety of machinery on a short, medium and long term basis. Our employees have many years of professional experience and expertise in dealing with construction machinery such as road rollers, pavers, wheel loaders, dumper trucks and excavators. Customers therefore do not require their own machine operators or loading equipment such as forklifts or trucks with loading cranes. Personnel and materials are all on hand.

Emil Giebel Spedition-Spezialtransporte GmbH & Co. KG


We operate a comprehensive workshop offering a range of expertise. Here, all our own vehicles and machinery are serviced and repaired. The ability to also repair customer machines here also increases your efficiency.

Project examples

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